Wandel.jetzt – Swiss Initiative for Transformation Networking

There are too many maps and networking platforms! That was the conclusion of 13 Swiss initiatives and associations working on sustainability, and therefore they founded the association “Wandel.jetzt” in early 2017. This not only led to the creation of an overarching platform in cooperation with other actors, but also of the “Transition-Connect” interface, which automatically synchronizes events and organizational profiles with multiple platforms, thereby preventing fragmentation.

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Transition Regensburg – Experiences with Having Your Own Social Network

To improve the networking of project groups and to be able to have discussions on a secure online platform: this was the motivation of Transition Regensburg when the group started looking for a suitable solution three years ago. The decision was made for Hubzilla. After a longer testing phase, there is a conclusion now.

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COINSENCE – social network with digital currencies

There are countless communities around the world collaborating on projects to create real values. But volunteering is rarely rewarded with money. The COINSENCE initiative now gives communities a networking platform with their own digital currencies that can be used to democratically decide on their value creation and distribution, thereby providing an alternative to the current economic system.

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Open Source Ecology – Latest development in Germany

Open-source software such as Linux and Co. has become an integral part of public life. The organization presented in this article goes one step further and develops freely available “hardware”: Blueprints for the decentralized supply of communities – from tractor to milking machine for the year-round supply of solar power.

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Blog series “Digital Networking of the Transformation Movement”

“Facebook, Twitter and Co.? Not for us! We‘ll just program it ourselves!” – this is what many initiatives think, hoping for better networking, and they fail.

But there are already many independent social networks that have successfully built a community. We will present them individually in our blog series “Digital Networking of the Transformation Movement”.

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