The green net project is open to all sorts of cooperation with any actors of change. Feel free to contact us and let us link your organization with the green net project.

One example of this is the cooperation with WECHANGE eG, with which we have been in a continuous exchange since 2014, and have therefore also shown how the form of cooperation works well.

We do not see ourselves as competitors to other actors, but want to collaborate with others to network the transformation movement. At this point, agreements regarding our fields of responsibility come in handy.

Cooperation partner WECHANGE eG

WECHANGE and green net project are pursuing the vision:

  • to connect actors, organizations, initiatives of German and international change,
  • to detect and prevent overlaps in activities,
  • to create synergies,
  • to build meaningful tools for digitization – compatible with the goals of the transformation movement.

The division of responsibilities is as follows:

Focus areas of WECHANGE

For this purpose, WECHANGE has:

  • a cooperative that advises and supports organizations and initiatives to use digital project management successfully,
  • created an online platform ( which serves for networking, visibility and effective online collaboration (and is continuously developed with users, portal customers, sponsors, etc.),
  • developed a seminar offer and supports organizations also offline.

Target group: individuals, organizations (portal customers), initiatives and projects

Medium: offline consulting and seminar offer, online platform, cooperative for further democratic and future-proof development of the platform and securing the data of users

Focus areas of the green net project

For this purpose, green net project has:

  • created the association frekonale e.V. as a non-profit organization and the green net project as an executive body,

  • formed a team that actively addresses organizations, evaluates their purpose and tools, and connects them with existing ones and others in order to create synergies,

  • for this purpose, events are visited and organized by the green net project in order to promote change, in a moderating and structuring manner without interfering in terms of content,

  • in terms of both organizations and their tools, synergies and networking are aimed for and actively pursued,

  • capacities (accounting, non-profit association, etc.) are also provided to other initiatives as a so-called motherboard in order to avoid redundancies.

Target group: organizations and initiatives

Means: meetings, accompaniment of events, encouragement to use WECHANGE, amongst other things, for digital connection, services (motherboard), newsletters, websites, etc.

There is therefore no overlap in the activities, the same goals are being worked on, and the advisory council (green net project) and WECHANGE ensure mutual updates.